Northwest Juniors Volleyball Club: Private Lessons

Northwest Juniors Volleyball Club offers private lessons for all ages and skill levels regardless of club affiliation.  Our lead instructors are our club directors Tony Miranda and Kim Culliton.    Other club coaches will be made available as their schedules allow.


We will be offering scheduled private lessons on several occasions (see possible dates below).  These lessons can be used to introduce you to new and exciting skills currently being used in the collegiate game, to improve on a skill that has been bothering you lately, or simply schedule a series of lessons to elevate your overall level of play.

Whatever your goals are, we can help you make them happen!!!

Please contact Tony Miranda for more information or to schedule a session: tony@volleyballnw.com    

Lesson prices are as follows:

*Due to high demand and limited court space, we are no longer offering one-on-one lessons.

1 hr semi-private lesson:

$55/Hour per person - 2 person group

$50/Hour per person - 3 person group

$45/Hour per person - 4 person group

$40/hour per person - 5 or or more person group (Maximum will be 8)

To Register for a lesson, contact Tony Miranda directly. Based on requests, we will register up to 8 individuals that are similar in age and that want to work on the same skill. Once confirmed for a lesson, you will be emailed a registration/payment link.  PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER OR PAY USING AN OLD LINK, ONLY  THOSE CONFIRMED THROUGH TONY MIRANDA WILL BE ACCEPTED.


If you're primary goal is to improve technical efficiency or to correct a technical deficiency ("Bad Habit") in a specific area, the private lesson will be more beneficial in regards to attaining your goals

If you're looking for a ton of repetitions but would rather not train alone, the semi-private lesson is for you. The added energy from increased numbers also tends to liven up the training session while allowing for a wider range in selecting positional specific drills


Available times, dates, and locations will be listed below as they become available:  Confirmed participants will also be listed beginning after March 15th.  We will not have any private lessons this Summer as we transition to Beach and camps.

Our lesson availability will resume in September.

UPDATED: 07/22/2013



  • Friday, May 3, Cedar Valley Gym, 5:15 - 6:15 PM. With Tony Miranda, hitting & serving -- FULL

    • Danica

    • Lilly

    • Natalie

    • Sarah

  • Friday, May 10, Cedar Valley Gym, 5:15 - 6:15 PM. Hitting (U14 and Older) -- FULL

    • Natalie

    • Grace

    • Olivia

    • Lilly

    • Savannah

  • Wednesday, May 29 at Bellevue College, 6-8 PM -- With Kim Culliton, FULL

    • 6-7 PM: HITTING (U12-U14)

      • Kaitlyn H.

      • Erin M.

      • Indiana L.

      • Emily M.

    • 7-8 PM: SERVING (U12-U14)

      • Kaitlyn H.

      • Erin M.

      • Diana G.

      • Indiana L.

      • Emily M

  • Friday, May 31, Cedar Valley Gym, 5:15 - 6:15 PM. With Tony Miranda, Hitting (U14 and Older) --  FULL

    • Alexandra C.

    • Olivia L.

    • Natalie A.

    • Danica S.

    • Sydney G.

Northwest Juniors Volleyball Club: 15821 NE 8th St., Suite W-200 / Bellevue, WA 98008