Northwest Juniors Volleyball Club -- 15 Elite Gold



Head Coach: Kristine Wilen

Assistant Coach: Mandy Veley

Team Parent Focal: Kim Lisk

15 Elite Gold Roster

# PHOTO NAME (click for Profile) POS SCHOOL CLASS HT
3 Elianna Frank DS Mercer Island HS 2014 5' 5"
4 Sydney Lisk DS Tolt MS 2015 5' 5"
7 Hanna Halverson S/OPP Cedarcrest HS 2014 5' 6"
9 Breanna Miley OH Northshore JHS 2014 5' 5"
10 Rachael George OH Kennedy HS 2014 5' 8"
11 Stephanie George MB Holy Family - Seattle 2015 5' 9"
12 Lexi Fleek DS Issaquah HS 2014 5' 3"
13 Jenny Smith MB/OH Lakeside School 2014 5' 8"
14 Kendall Berens S/OPP Cedarcrest HS 2014 5' 6"





15 Elite Gold Tournament Schedule Printable Schedule





Jan. 9

Power League # 1A



Jan. 16-17

Martin Luther King Tournament

NW Jrs

Juanita HS

Jan. 22

Power League # 1B



Feb. 5

Power League # 2



Feb. 19-21

President's Day Weekend Tournament

NW Jrs

Kent Area

Mar. 6

Power League #3



Mar. 25-27

Pacific Northwest Qualifier #2*

Evergreen Region


Apr. 3

Power League # 4



Apr. 15-17

Southern Cal Qualifier


Anaheim, CA

Apr. 30 - May 1




May 7-8

Willamette Classic



May 28-30

Emerald City Classic




Optional Post Season or Nationals




15 Elite Gold Coaches Corner

Tournament Coaches Notes
Power League Unfortunately, after the last power league in January our team moved down 5 places from 51st to 56th. We played in Pool A against Moxie 16 Mamba, losing to them in 3 games. Then taking two more losses in two games versus Cascade 15 Blue and Jammin' 16 Blue. We mixed things up a little bit and threw our defensive specialist, Ellie Frank, in as the outside hitter and played all the way around. She even wound up getting a few kills up at the net :) We went on to play Sumner and lost in two games to them and ended our day playing PCVBA, and despite our best effort and a huge fight from the whole team, we lost 24-26 in our one game match. Up next, we have the NWJRS President's Day Weekend Tournament and are hoping to redeem ourselves and build the girls self esteem again during that tournament.
President's Day Weekend

On Saturday, we were in a three team pool and played two teams, both from Spokane. The first team we played was Apex Delta and lost to them 19-25, 24-26, and 12-25. The second team we played was Spokane Sky 15-1 and we lost to them 9-24, 7-25, and 22-25. We took third in the first round of pool play on Saturday and moved on to the second round of pool play on Sunday. The girls really played as a team on Sunday; some of the best volleyball I've ever seen them play. Our first match was against Ridge Valley 15 Black and we beat them in 3 games, scores were 25-23, 15-25, and 15-8. That win was just what we needed to boost the girls confidence level and assisted them to the next win against Space Needle Reign in two games. Scores were 25-22 and 25-21. Our last match on Sunday came down to us and Athena Asics Beta. We put up a good fight against them, even though we weren't having any luck on calls being made. When we finally protested a call in the last few points of the third game, we won the protest however the score never changed. Therefore Athena won by default, and only by one point instead of two. The scorekeepers were trying to tell the ref that there was a mistake however, the ref wound up calling the game and that was the end of it. It was a bittersweet ending to a great day of volleyball. The scores of those games were 25-23, 22-25 and 15-16. We took 2nd in pool play on Sunday which placed us in the bronze bracket of playoffs. On Monday, our first match was against NW Juniors 15 Thunder. We defeated them in two games, scores were 25-13 and 25-21. The next match was must win in order to go on to the Bronze championship match and have a redemption game against Athena Asics Beta. We were up against Eclipes Koogei and ended up losing to them in three. Scores were 17-25, 25-18, and 11-15. Our team wound up taking 3rd in the Bronze Division, however the team put up a fight for each opponent.

Power League The girls put up a good fight this weekend in pool play against teams Cacasde 15 Red, Ridge Valley 16 Black, and Olypima VBC. We came out third in pool play and gave Sabotage 15 Blue a challenge by taking them to three games. The girls had the chance to play Olympia again after a stressful third game in pool play which we took from them. We managed to show them our strengths again in our last match of the day and got a W in our one game to 25 against OVC.
PNQ It was a long weekend of volleyball and traveling tournaments were new to many of my girls but they proved to the coaches and themselves that they had the stamina to work hard through all three days of play. We started out playing SA Force and Legacy, both teams from Texas and although we took third in our three team pool on Friday, the girls put up a good fight against those Texas teams. On Saturday, we had the opportunity for redemption by playing teams we had already crossed paths with in previous tournaments. We gave Apex Delta a run for their money when we took them to three games. The girls played had some of the best defensive plays I've seen all season which showed Apex that we weren't backing down. We then took on Moxie 15s Marmot and although we slipped a little and allowed them to take a game from us, the girls proved that they were stronger than that and came back to take the W from them. The last match of the day came down to ITVC 15 Asics and us. This was our biggest match of the day and the girls intensity levels were high. Although we took a tough loss from them, the girls weren't going to let down. Jenny, Kendall, Sydney, and Ellie were our biggest passers of the day, playing some of the best scrappy back row defense I've seen. Our first match on Sunday was against Cascade 15 Red. They thought they had the game won already seeing as how they had beaten us in the past but the 15 Elite Gold girls were not backing down. They stood their ground, and fought all the way to the bitter end and proved that the harder they work, the more successful they are. It was sweet victory taking that W from Cascade... then we moved on to our last match of the day versus Team Tulsa. We were neck and neck with them throughout both matches and made Tulsa work for every point, and although we took a loss to them in two games, we wound up taking second in our flight. The girls played some of the best volleyball I've ever seen this weekend and proved that they can play with heart. Next up for us is Power League #4 at Juanita HS.
Willamette Valley Classic We started off the morning pool taking 2nd place, losing to Clark County Juniors 16 Silver and beating Rain City 15-1 Heat. After our three hour break, we went on to take third in our afternoon pool, losing to Eastside 15 Crimson and Clark County Juniors 16 Purple. On Sunday, we had a chance at redemption versus Asics Athena 15 Beta. We swept them in the first game, lost by two points in the second game and they unfortunately came out on top in the third game. We went on to play Webfoot 15 Silver in a one game to 25 match. Webfoot had the lead for most of the game, but we were able to put up a fight to catch up to them, and only lost by three points.  


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