Northwest Juniors Volleyball Club Travel Info.


Lone Star Classic Qualifier

April 19-22, 2012 (playing April 20-22, 2012)


18 Elite Black, 17 Elite Gold, 17 Elite Black, 16 Elite Gold, 16 Elite Black

Wave Times (as posted on the Lone Star Classic Web Page)

*Note all times and dates are subject to change. Wave times refer only to the start times on Friday. Saturday/Sunday schedule is based on previous performance. AM waves begin at 8AM. PM Waves begin between 1PM and 3PM. 
April 20-22, 2012- Girls 11, 12, 16-18 and Boys - Dallas, TX
18 Open - AM Wave
18 National (42 teams) - AM Wave (18 Elite Black)
18 American - AM Wave 
17 Open - AM Wave
17 National (43 Teams) - AM Wave (17 Elite Black)
17 American - AM Wave
16 Open - AM Wave
16 National (55 teams) - PM Wave (16 Elite Black & 16 Elite Gold)
16 American -  PM Wave
16 Select -  PM Wave
12 National - PM Wave
12 American - PM Wave
11 and under - Saturday- PM Wave
18u Boys - Saturday- PM Wave
16u Boys  - Saturday- PM Wave
14u Boys  - Saturday- PM Wave




The Lone Star Classic Qualifier playing dates are April 20-22, 2012.  Access to site maps and pools are available via the website link above. Teams will be leaving Thursday, April 19th and returning Sunday, April 22nd.  Flight information coming soon.


Rooming lists & chaperone information is submitted by coaches, and will be posted below as it is received.  For questions, please ask your coach or email Kim.


For parents traveling with the team, additional rooms are reserved at the same hotel.  You need to call the hotel directly and pull a room off of the NW Jrs. block.  Hotel contact information is below.  Ticket price is $422.78.


Flight information: 

Frontier Flight # Date Departure Time Arrival Time
446 04/19/2012 from SeaTac @ 10:50 AM in Denver @ 2:23 PM
138 04/19/201 from Denver @ 3:55 PM @ Dallas Ft. Worth @ 6:43 PM
305 04/22/2012 from Dallas Ft. Worth @ 7:25 PM in Denver @ 8:20 PM
837 04/22/2012 from Denver @ 9:14 PM in SeaTac @ 10:59 PM


Baggage Information:

Bags 1 & 2 are $20 each.  Bag (s) 3+ are $50 each.  Coaches and chaperones are in charge of having the girls carry their bags on.  Your ball cart/balls will need to be checked.  Please check this out in regards to liquid regulations for carry-on's.



For this tournament, we have to go through the tournament reservation system.  Please use this link if you would like to make reservations through Advanced Event Systems (AES) at the hotel we are staying at. 

15255 Quorum Dr.
Addison, TX 75001

Continental breakfast?  YES


Current per diem for are as follows:

Breakfast $8 per day

Lunch $12 per day

Dinner $26 per day

You donít need to base your childís allowance off of that Ė that is just a guideline.  It is less than that for hotels that have continental breakfast.  If your teamís hotel does not have continental breakfast, your best option is to collect money for cooler food and have teams eat breakfast in your chaperonís hotel room.  Another thing to factor in is that you will only really eat one meal in a restaurant a day.  Lunch will also most likely be out of a cooler as well.  Itís not an exact science, just a guideline.

Please take a moment to review both our TRAVEL RULES and our STANDARDS OF CONDUCT (from Player/Parent Handbook).  Proper conduct on the road, in the hotel and at your playing sites is vital for players, coaches, chaperones and parents alike.  Please help us uphold the integrity of our club

Travelers flying under the group itinerary:

18EB (13) 17EB (14) 16EB (16) 16EG (15)
Tony M, Head Coach* Vettiar C, Head Coach* Adam F, Head Coach Kelli D, Head Coach*
David M, Assist. Coach Tina F, Chaperone* Malisa M, Assist. Coach Katie R, Assist. Coach
Tonya B, Chaperone* Kimberly F   Aimee J, Chaperone* Kim M, Chaperone*
Mary S Aiko C  Tynan G Ivana O
Kristen L McKenzie I Devin C Katie B
Katrina L Clairisse H Julianna F Madeline R
Briana C Heather S Margaret G Julia G
Lexie B Amber H Caitlyn J Julia T
Haleigh H Abigail S  Crea L Kristin M
Danielle S Genevieve K Cassidy O Lauren M
Macie C Zoey L Sierra R Megan C
Danielle L Gabrielle H Brenna S Caroline D
Darian F Kareena S Andrea A Ally O
  Megan C Gael G, Parent* Erin M
    Tawnya R, Parent Melody L
    Shannon O, Parent  


Rooming Lists:

18 Elite Black

17 Elite Black

Room 1: 18 Elite Black Coaches

Tony Miranda

Dave Merrill

Room 1: Coaches

Vettiar Chup (17EB)

Adam Frank (16EB)

Room 2:


Room 2:

Zoey, Gabrielle, Amber, Clairisse

Room 3:


Room 3:

Aiko, Abigail, Kim, Genevieve

Room 4:

Darian/Kristen/Dani/Mary Alice

Room 4:

Heather, McKenzie, Kareena, Megan

Room 5: Chaperones

18 Elite Chaperone: Tonya Bedell

17 Elite Chaperone: Tina Fischer


16 Elite Gold

16 Elite Black

Room 1: 16 Elite Gold Coaches:

Kelli Dahlquist

Katie Rowe

Room 1:


Room 2: Chaperone

16 Elite Gold Chaperone:  Kim Moynihan

Room 2:


Room 3:

Kristin/Melody/Megan/Julia T.

Room 3: Coach & Chaperone:

16 Elite Black Assistant: Missy Marasigan

16 Elite Black Chaperone: Aimee Johnson

Room 4:



Room 5:

Ivana/Julia G./Ally/Madeline



Rental Vans

Through Avis will be provided by the Club.  Drivers are marked with an * above.  Please note that the optional insurance is NOT paid for by the Club, so if you choose to opt for additional insurance, we recommend that you collect from your team - to cover the costs and so you do not have to pay for it all by yourself. 

Northwest Juniors Volleyball Club: 15821 NE 8th St., Suite W-200 / Bellevue, WA 98008