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Willamette Classic

MAY 12-13, 2012






The Willamette Classic is May 12-13, 20121.  The teams play at various venues on the Oregon State University campus.   Access to pools are available via the Tournament website links above. Teams will be leaving via car pool (arranged on a team-by-team basis with the assistance of the chaperone and/or Focal) on Friday, May 11th and returning after tournament play Sunday, May 13th.  We make hotel arrangements for the teams to stay Friday and Saturday night; and based on our hotel agreements, we must guarantee that teams stay both nights.  Parents are free to pick up rooms at the hotel their daughters are staying at and call the hotel directly (as listed below) in order to make reservations.  Please note that many hotels require a 2-night stay.  Rooms are limited, so act fast.  If you are not able to get into the hotels we list below, you may have success checking the hotel listing on the tournament page.  Some hotels might have rooms available in small quantities: http://www.willamettevolleyballclassic.com/lodging


Rooming lists & chaperone information is submitted by coaches, and will be posted below as it is received.  For questions, please ask your coach or email Kim.



HOTELS AND ROOMING LISTS:  Both hotels are adjacent to each other.  Rooms will be released to parents after December 1, 2011.  Blocks Available until 4/11

Comfort Suites Albany  -- 17 Elite Black, 16 Elite Black, 16 Elite Gold

100 Opal Court NE, Albany, OR 97322; 541-928-2053

Double Queen Rooms: $139 per night.  15 total rooms available for parents


Holiday Inn Express, Albany -- 14 Elite Black, 14 Elite Gold

Right next door to the Comfort Suites

105 Opal Court NE, Albany, OR 97322; 541-928-8820

Double Queen Rooms: $149 per night.  10 total rooms available for parents

Sales manager for both hotels is Leigha Thomas, leighathomas@comcast.net or 541-917-6144.  Please contact her directly to pull off the block


Comfort Suites Albany  

($139, Double Queens)

100 Opal Ct. NE

Albany, OR 97322



17 Elite Black 16 Elite Black 16 Elite Gold

Room 1:

Abigail, Gen, Aiko, Clairisse

Room 1:

Cassidy, Devin, Brenna

Room 1:

Julia T, Katie B, Maddy, Megan

Room 2:

Kim, Zoey, Heather, Megan

Room 2:

Caitlyn, Margaret, Crea

Room 2:

Julia G, Ally, Lauren, Caroline

Room 3:

McKenzie, Gabby, Kareena, Amber

Room 3:

Tynan, Juliana, Sierra, Andrea

Room 3:

Ivana, Erin, Kristin

Room 4: Chaperone

Averil Story

Room 4:

Shannon Olcese (16EB Chaperone)

Malisa Marasigan (16EB Assistant)

Room 4: 16EG Coaching Staff

Kelli Dahlquist

Katie Rowe

Room 5:

V Chup (17EB Head Coach)

Charlie Andrade (17EB Assistant)

Room 5:

Adam Frank (16EB Head Coach)

Craig Barrow (14EB Assistant)

Room 5: 16EG Chaperones

Sonja Orlovic

Kim Moynihan

Holiday Inn Express

($149, Double Queens)

105 Opal Court NE

Albany, OR 97322

14 Elite Black

14 Elite Gold

Room 1:

Deahna, Sara, Haley, Sarah H

Room 1:

Katie, Ellie, Kassy

Room 2:

Katie S, Nora, Lacy, Katie M

Room 2:

Kellie C, Emily, Emma

Room 3:

Mailey, Mali, Olivia, Rachel

Room 3:

Alex, Brynne, Lara, Micah

Room 4: Chaperone

Cheryl Michaels

Room 4: Chaperone

Lauri Mendoza

Room 5:

Silver Keck (14EB Head Coach)

Room 5: 14EG Coaching Staff

Angie Lamb

Juleea Perez




Current per diem for are as follows:

Breakfast $8 per day

Lunch $12 per day

Dinner $26 per day

You donít need to base your childís allowance off of that Ė that is just a guideline.  It is less than that for hotels that have continental breakfast.  If your teamís hotel does not have continental breakfast, your best option is to collect money for cooler food and have teams eat breakfast in your chaperonís hotel room.  Another thing to factor in is that you will only really eat one meal in a restaurant a day.  Lunch will also most likely be out of a cooler as well.  Itís not an exact science, just a guideline.



Please take a moment to review both our TRAVEL RULES and our STANDARDS OF CONDUCT (from Player/Parent Handbook).  Proper conduct on the road, in the hotel and at your playing sites is vital for players, coaches, chaperones and parents alike.  Please help us uphold the integrity of our club



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